I had the honor of photographing Josh & Michaela's snowy winter elopement in Tilton, New Hampshire, right outside of the White Mountains. Michaela had always dreamed of getting married within the snow one day, so she planned her elopement in the winter in hopes of marrying the man of her dreams with snow as a backdrop. New England winters are unpredictable and there's no guarantee there will be snow in February, however; we kept an eye on the weather and sure enough, we had a few snow storms a few days prior to their elopement date which granted Michaela her wish of having a snowy, winter, elopement.

Michaela and Josh decided on a small and intimate elopement, with just their siblings, an officiant, themselves, and myself (their photographer)... and it was perfect. There's just something so incredibly special about two people sharing their vows to one another, for each other, and not to a crowd. The BEST part of eloping is that YOU get to decide exactly how your day goes. You have the flexibility and the opportunity to invite as many, or as little, amount of guests as you'd like. YOU get to plan out your day and bring your photographer along with you to capture those beautiful moments forever. I think that's why photographing elopements are my favorite - each of them are so unique and intimate.